Saturday, 5 August 2017


When my human family told me that we are going to see the Rigi mountain, I was not excessively happy. After all, we have already been to Mount Pilatus less than two years ago. And Lake Lucerne is not my favourite lake on the planet. But since horse of value always overcome their fears, I decided to spend this lovely summer day with you in the Swiss canton of Schwyz and even get close to what was my most dreadful experience ever. First, we will take a cable car to arrive to Rigi Kaltbad, where people enjoy some mineral water spa with an amazing view.

From here, we will go further up with a cogway train, being the oldest mountain railway in Europe.

As we move up, you can notice this wooden platform. If you thought it is standing here because there will be a dancing party tonight, you definitely know little about the pre-Alpine folklore.

This is a platform prepared for Schwingen, a traditional Swiss wrestling contest. And if you think that Swiss people do not take it seriously because it is "only" folklore, watch that.

Finally, we arrive to the top of the Rigi Kulm.

One of the most amazing things about Rigi is that it is almost entirely surrounded by water. It has three lakes at its feet. The first is Lake Lucerne that we all know too well.

Then come Lake Zug which we have already seen in the city of Zug ...

... and just next to it Lake Lauerz.

Rigi is referred to sometime as the queen of mountains. To improve its status even more, it arranged to become a sister of a goddess. Or more precisely a sacred mountain, Mount Emei.

Let's jump on the train again and move down the Rigi mountain towards the shores of Lake Lucerne.

I love this sign towards sheep and goats.

As we approach the lake, I recalled why I always thought this is one of the nicest areas of Switzerland.

It almost makes me want to get closer. I am not yet ready to be in the lake. But why not trying to be on the lake?

Everyone on board!

Safety first so let's check the lifeboats.

The engines seem to work fine as well.

I am now reassured, we can sit on one of those nice benches.

The nice building in the back is a luxury hotel.

Have you noticed something special on the mountain? Yes! This is a huge Swiss flag over there!

Time to get off the ship and move towards new adventures. I hope that you have enjoyed the time we spent by the Regina montium. If you would like to see more, I truly recommend you to watch the panoramic views available under the link.


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