Saturday, 26 August 2017

Playing with the dinos

My human family told me today that we are going to visit some dinosaurs. They were giggling a lot so I was suspecting that they did not really mean a travel in time. But since the weather is nice and I am already a bit tired after all those lengthy travels that we have made, I decided to go with the flow.

We went to a small park in Warsaw, bearing the name of Roman Kozłowski, a famous Polish palaeontologist. Now hands up who honestly knows what palaeontologist means. Yes, you are right, these are scientists who study life forms that have existed well before humans conquered the planet.

What kind of life forms in particular? Let's find out! Here comes our first clue.

Those creatures must have been very large, their footsteps were much larger than a horse!

Maybe there are hiding behind those huge rocks?

Look, these must be some giant chickens - they hatch from eggs!

Here it comes! Of course, palaeontologists do not study living animals, they are not vets. They study fossils. And in the park, you can discover some fossils yourself.

Of course for those of you who do not enjoy sitting for hours and playing in the sand, the dino park has some other attractions. Or the dino playground should I say in all honesty. So whether you are really small ...

... or very, very big, you will find a place and a dino to play with. Look, a diplodocus!

This one is probably a pterodactylus, flying high up in the skies.

Is it a stegosaurus over there?

Now if you do not enjoy giant reptiles, you can always feel like a spider on its huge web. See you up there!

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