Saturday, 17 February 2018

Dali versus Warhol

Since it is rather cold outside, I will take you today on an exhibition rather than yet another old town to walk through. We will admire there the works of two amazing artists who changed the course of the history of art, each in his own way.

Salvador Dalí was born in Spain in 1904. He was one of the fathers of surrealism. To be honest, he looked quite surreal himself.

His paintings were never straightforward, showing several things at the same time. None of them clear enough. Like in the Temptation of Saint Anthony.

Actually, sometimes he would deliberately paint two things at the same time, like with Lincoln in Dalivision.

When you come close you see a naked woman looking at the sea. But if you walk back, you will out of a sudden see a portrait of Abraham Lincoln.

The woman on the picture is Dali's wife, Gala. She was his muse and a perfect woman in his eyes.

Dali was interested not only in painting. He was a skilled sculptor. Skilled in his own way of course. This sculpture is called The greatness of Islam.

He was also creating perfumes. Egocentric as he was, the bottle of the perfumes was shaped like Dali's nose and lips.

He has also written a cook book. Full of extravagant recipes like the Casanova coctail.

And if you would invite Dali for a party, he would always be ready to take a drink. Or twenty seven if needed.

Coming from Catalonia, Dali enjoyed seafood and fish. Or both ...

Dali was also the graphic designer behind the classic logo of the Spanish lollipops Chupa Chups – the sweet and bright rendition of a daisy.

Interior design? Architecture? Nothing is beyond the interest of an acomplished artist. A designer sofa ...

... can become the lips of Mae West. It is all a matter of proper perspective.

* * *

Andy Warhol was born in 1928 in USA. He was a front runner of pop art, building close links between art, celebrity and money.

Dali's hallmark was his moustache and Warhol is best known for his white wig.

The most famous work of Warhol are probably the multicolor Marylin Monroe graphics ...

... and the Campbell's soup.

This small object that you could pass in a supermarket without noticing is actually a piece of art.

Just like for Dali, Warhol's interest went far beyond graphic arts. He was a film director.

Though I must say his films were not too close to my personal taste. Way too weird.

But Warhol was also closely embeded in the music industry. His New York City studio called the Silver Factory was the place to be.

If you were lucky to be there in the 1960s, you could meet Mick Jagger and the Rolling Stones.

Warhol has designed the cover of their album Sticky Fingers, considered one of their best albums ever. As you can see, Warhol's design was nothing close to shy and timid. In the original version the zip fly could be actually opened.

Warhol designed many album covers, for Blondie ....

... and the Velvet Underground.

And not to be too boringly attached to pop music, Warhol has also designed covers for classical masterpieces.

Because a real artist can work with any topic. Even Saint Apollonia.

Saturday, 10 February 2018


Over the last weeks we have enjoyed the snow and cold of Europe. I propose that we change the climate today and look for a place that is warm and sunny irrespective of the season. I have the pleasure to take you to yet another trip to Asia - welcome to Incredible India!

Let's jump on a plane - the flight will take us a few hours.

Finally, we arrive. Have you noticed that the Indian alphabet is nothing close to the Latin one?

Let's go to the city center. We could use one of those cute moto-taxis.

But be careful, the traffic is really bad in Bangalore.

You do not believe me? Well, turn up the volume.

I propose we take a short stop in one of the shops with local handcraft. You can buy here figurines of Hindi gods ...

... or a shawl, both beautiful and practical.

Are we done with shopping? Then I propose that we go directly to the hotel now. We will be welcomed with necklaces of flowers.

In the main lobby, Ganesh, the remover of obstacles, is welcoming the guests. 

On the floor we can admire a beautiful and delicate mandala made out of flowers.

We will stay in the Taj West End hotel, the oldest of Bangalore.

It remembers the times when English ladies and gentlemen walked in the gardens.

It was built in so-called colonial style.

In the garden you can see trees that are hundreds years old. 

The buildings themselves are covered with tropical plants.

And in th courtyards, turkeys enjoy the sunlight.

There have even have here a little pond. I have seen next to it people doing yoga. Hard to imagine a better and more serene place.

I hope that you have enjoyed this wonderful place. Before we return to the gloomy Europe, why don't we enjoy one more aspect of the vibrant and colourful India. The spices.

But be careful, the Indians add spices even to ice cream!

I let you enjoy the dessert and I run to send a few postcards to my Postcrossing friends.

Saturday, 3 February 2018

The Dolomites

The Dolomites are a mountain range located in northeastern Italy. They are a part of Alps, but unlike  the Central Alps which are built from slate and gneiss, they are built of a special type of limestone which is called dolostone. I believe you can easily notice the difference in colour and mountains' shapes.

The name of this stone and mountains comes from Déodat Gratet de Dolomieu (1750–1801) who first described the stone. Thanks to their unique character, the Dolomites mountain were declared UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2009

We came here in winter so the best way to get up the heel is to take a T-bar lift. Keep your legs together.

If you prefer to sit instead of standing please use the chairlift ...

up to the upper station ...

next to the Refuge Fronza Alle Coronelle at altitude of 2337 m.

Here you can drink a warm Bombardino with cream ...

... and admire the Central Alps in far North.

Now the funniest part: down the hill.

If you have sport ambitions you can even try yourself a slalom ...

... driving you back to the hotel.

Evening you can also ski or sledge on selected floodlit slopes or go to a typical après-ski tent. Just try to keep straight afterwards :)

Have fun and see you on the slopes of Carezza.