Saturday, 17 March 2018


Dear friends, welcome to Lviv. The city that is located at a meeting point of many cultures. Let's start with the most important city building - the Town Hall.

It is difficult to take a picture of this huge building, but just next to it you can take picture of its copy of mine proper size.

Just next to the main entrance of the City Hall you can find an information that the whole historic city center of Lviv was recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1998.

Inside you can find the three most most important flags for Lviv's inhabitants: the one of the European Union, that of Ukraine and finally the flag of Lviv. Have you noticed that they are made with the same colours?

Let's climb the tower. On the way you can see the clock machinery

On the top of the tower you can see two bells.

But was is truly worth the climbing is the impresive view of the whole historic city center. Looking South West you can admire the Archcathedral Basilica of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, known as the Latin Cathedral.

Looking North, the most prominent building is the Armenian Cathedral of Lviv. It is a pitty it is forbidden to take pictures inside, the interior is really amazing.

Looking East you can spot the round dome of the church of Dominican monastery and right to it the 400-year-old Korniakt tower over the Dormition church of Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church. Yes, likewise Przemyśl, Lviv is situated where many cultures and religions meet.

Let's go back down to the Market Square and admire fantastic palaces, like Brandelli's that is the seat of Museum of Post (yellow one) and the Black House, both from 16th century.

But Lviv is bautiful also beyond the Market Square. There are fantastic palaces, like the one of the very rich aristocratic family of Potocki.

The red brick biulding on our left is the Medieval Arsenal

And on our right, one of many beautiful churches, the Dominic Convent from 18th century.

Any proud city houses also several monuments. Lviv is no exception, starting with the monument of the city's patron St. Yura's (Ukrainian for George).

Then come the great poets, like Ivan Franko. He is one of the most important poets writing in modern Ukrainian.

It made him deserve a park of his own.

Then comes Adam Mickiewicz. He was writing in Polish so would find his monuments also in many Polish cities.

This large monument is celebrating another poet of the Ukrainian language - Taras Shevchenko.

From the last monument I encourage you to walk among Avenue of Freedom, buying some gifts or traditional Ukrainian food.

Finally we reach the Opera House.

But art is not only about poems and music, so you can also spot the famous painter Nikifor. Everyone wants to touch his huge nose. This is why he shines.

But Lviv is not only a city of art but also one of sciene and enterprenership. The best person to show it is Ignacy Lukasiewicz. He discovered how to distill kerosene from seep oil, built the world's first oil refinery, invented the modern kerosene lamp and introduced the first modern street lamp in Europe.

Let us sit for a moment on the chair next to him and listen to the amazing vibes of Lviv.

Saturday, 10 March 2018

Museums of Amsterdam

We will stay one more day in Amsterdam but instead of canals, today we will walk down the streets.

Our goal is to identify some of the unique museums of the city. The most important one is of course the Rijksmuseum, the most visited museum of the Netherlands with masterpieces of Rembrandt and Johannes Vermeer.

The Rijksmuseum is located by the Museum Square.

On the other side of the square you will find more modern art, in the Van Gogh Museum.

As well as in the Stedelijk Museum, the collection of which comprises modern and contemporary art and design from the early 20th century up to the 21st century. It features artists such as Wassily Kandinsky, Marc Chagall, Henri Matisse, Jackson Pollock and Andy Warhol.

The third side of the square leaves place to the Royal Concert House.

Obviously, Amsterdam has also other types of museum for those who are not excessively interested in the great Dutch masters. If you walk a bit further to the red lantern district, you may find a museum for all types of hobbies ...

... parties ...

... and sensuality.

And for those who like neither corporal not intellectual pleasures, I would recommend a tour to a flower shop. A tulip shop to be more precise. In mid-March you will find already a large abundance of these.

Saturday, 3 March 2018

Canals of Amsterdam

We will visit today the city of Amsterdam. Like Venice, it is best known for its many canals, bordered by residential buildings.

But the Dutchman live not only by the canals but also literally on the canals, in the many barges.

As if this was not enough, they also live below the canals. Well, maybe they do not live there but they use the ground below the canals as parking space.

But the best way of admiring the canals of Amsterdam is to take a boat trip.

From the canal, we can admire the houses and the barges ...

... the churches ...

... and the National Opera and Ballet.

As we sail, we naturally pass many bridges. Some solid.

and some that open to let bigger ships pass.

Because the canals of Amsterdam are amazing both during day ...

... and night.

Saturday, 24 February 2018

Cross-country ski

We have managed this year to do some downhill skiing and some sledging as well. But we have never done cross-country skiing so far. And the best place to start is Flumserberg.

To arrive there you can take the cable car or drive. The road is winding but as always in Switzerland - very well maintained.

The views are breathtaking.

In the back you can spot the ski lift for those who prefer to go downhill.

But we will use different type of shoes today. Cross-country skiing shoes are softer and much more comrfortable.

The cross-country skis are slim. It is almost difficult to imagine than an adult human can keep his or her balance on them.

The good thing is that they fit in the trails especially designed for them.

So off we go!

And after a long day of cross-country skiing, we deserved some proper food.