Saturday, 8 June 2019

Royal castle in Poznań

Today, I will talk you to Mount Przemysław in Poznań.

On top of the hill you will find a castle.

Those of you who are good in the history of the architecture will quickly scratch their heads, trying to figure out how old this castle is. Well, it is less than 20 years old to be honest. It has been reconstructed at the beginning of the twenty first century but its design is eclectic in many ways. Actually, historians say that a castle like this one has never been (and could have never been) standing on this hill. But someone decided that Poznan deserves a royal castle and here it comes.

Inside, you will fid the Museum of Applied Arts.

Inside, you will recognise some gothic-style arches.

But some of the rooms are decorated in tapestries that have little to do with Middle Ages.

In the armory you can admire the fire weapons from different periods.

But my favourite exhibit in the armoury is this fancy outfit, collected in the Vienna battlefield in 1683.

Just next to the armoury you will find the Kunstkamera which used to be  a kind of private museum, compiling items that were a proof of the wealth and wide interests of the owner. It included natural wonders, called naturalia ...

... and man-made wonders, including scientific instruments.

The museum holds a collection of items inspired by China. And next to it you will find a piano with decoration motifs from what seems to be an English shire. Not only the walls of the castle are eclectic...

A museum of applied arts need to have a collection dedicated to fashion. While my human secretary loved this part ...

I think I would chose this outfit. It was tailor made for a wealthy Polish noble, most probably from seventeenth or eighteenth century.

If you prefer something more exotic, you always opt for the samurai instead.

The royal castle of Poznan has one more thing to offer. But we need to earn it by climbing some stairs (the lazy ones can use the elevator).

From the top of the tower we can admire a panorama of Poznan. Do you recognise the Town Hall?

Let's walk to the other side.

Here you can see the fire station next to the city walls that we have passed by last week.

They say that no king has ever lived in the royal castle in Poznań. Well, they are probably right. I still liked it quite a lot. Far better than another cubic structure made of metal and glass. And the crown fits particularly well.

But no worries. Next week I will take you to a place where a real king is still present.


  1. Thanks to MTP (Poznan International Fair) I have spent lots of time in Poznan over many years.
    In "old good times" the place was called Góra Zamkowa (Castle Peak) and there was a relatively small building hosting the Museum of Applied Arts. How it looked you can see in the attached link: