Saturday, 12 August 2017

Banks of Vistula river

It is a common belief that a river running through a city is one of its greatest assets, both when it comes to transportation and tourism. For years, Warsaw was an exception here. Wisła (Vistula) river was inaccessible to the inhabitants and its shores were a dangerous place, where people would normally not risk wandering. But is has been changing over the last couple of years. And finally, I am happy to take you today for a lazy afternoon by the river to the "Wisła District".

We will start next to the Świętokrzyski bridge.

Here, we need to say 'Hello' to the Warsaw Mermaid, the symbol of the city.

The banks of Wisła are the house for many birds. You can learn a lot about them from the posters located next to the river.

As we move on North, you will surely notice a familiar building in the background.

Yes, the red colour behind the trees belongs to the National Center of Science Kopernik.

Since it was built quite close to the water, on a slope, there is not much place to relax by the river.

But as we move a few hundred meters, the landscape changes completely.

It is maybe not Copacabana but it is the best beach you can get in town. It is large, sandy and well equipped

If the sun shines too bright and it is getting too hot, you can always use one of the beach baskets.

Just beware of sharks! And other large fish.

I hope that you have relaxed a bit. Let's go further North again, towards the Śląsko-Dąbrowski bridge.

On the other side of the street that runs on our left, you will immediately recognise the Old Town of Warsaw, with the Royal Castle.

No more sand in this part of the embankment but we get a nice promenade instead.

Let's climb on the platform to see a bit more.

The place seems surprisingly empty today, it is much more crowded normally.

Maybe all the people are on the boats? Or rather taking the ferry to the other side ...

... and sunbathing on this half-wild beach?

Because Warsaw has a regular "water tramway" service. They even have real tram stops, with a timetable.

Finally, we arrive to the end of our walk for today. This is the Gdański bridge. Called after the city of Gdańsk located on the sea shore, in the North of Poland. It used to be the most Northern bridge in Warsaw, hence the name.

This bridge is quite amazing, because it has two parts, each of which has two levels, to accomodate cars, trams, trains and huge pipes bringing heat to the left side of Warsaw.

But what I like best about the Gdański bridge is this neon sign. "So nice to see you" it says. Welcome to the Wisła District my friends.

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