Saturday, 19 August 2017

Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw

Last week we have walked on the banks of the Wisła (Vistula) river. As we were passing next to the Center of Science Kopernik, I purposely missed to show you the building standing next to it. But today is the time we look into this direction once more.

So, any ideas what it is? A big white cube with paintings that look a lot like those that twelve year olds make in their math notebooks. With the only difference that they are made by a famous painter and materialise the link between humans and outer space.

Well, my dear. This is the temporary seat of the Contemporary Art Museum. It is known as the "Museum by the river Wisła". Shall we get inside?

In the large lobby you can buy tickets. But you can buy there also books, not only about art.

Currently the museum shows an exhibition about the rave culture. For those of you who are not necessarily fluent in modern art - this means electronic club music. You will hear the beat from every corner. Even from the trunk of a car.

 The beat is accompanied by lights.

Actually, it seems like people themselves are becoming part of light through dancing. At least through dancing to electronic music. It does not seem safe, just look at all these knives in the wall.

No surprise that people grow huge eyes to watch out for danger.

In the corner there is a black room when you can experience the influence of clubbing on people.

Wanna give it a try? Pump up the volume!

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