Saturday, 2 September 2017


As you all know, there are two things that I like best. This is visiting warm and sunny places and visiting new countries. If I can bring both together then it is truly paradise. Today is one of these days, when I will be able to take you to a new, warm and sunny country. Let's discover together Montenegro!

We will start our trip to the Balkans in the nice town of Budva.

Budva lies on the Adriatic Sea side and is a very popular summer resort. Unfortunately beaches tend to be rocky so be careful when walking.

The modern part of Budva looks like any other seaside town, with bars and beaches. But what makes Budva interesting it is its old town, surrounded by solid walls, remembering the times when Venetians rules the place.

Next to the walls, you will see a huge bell, which could be the Mother of Voices form the film The Long Ships which was shot in and around Budva.

Obviously you will no longer spot Vikings in Budva, but there are some pretty long ships in the marina.

Let's take one of the narrow streets and walk into the center of the old town. Feels very Italian, doesn't it?

The city center surrounds the most important buildings in town. First, the Cathedral of John the Baptist.

Next to it, the small church of Santa Marija in Punta, built in 840 by the Benedictine order.

It does not have a belfry, the bells hang over the main porch.

On the right hand side, you will immediately notice another tall wall.

This is the citadel. It used to defend the city from attacks from the sea. Today, it is turned into a museum.

Let's go inside.

The inner courtyard is not large. But as a matter of fact, the citadel burned down several time during its history and it is not easy to guess what it looked like when it was still on duty.

Let's climb a bit up to check the view.

On one hand side, you can admire the Adriatic Sea, with the island of Saint Nicolas right in the middle. It has a long sandy beach that is referred to by locals as Hawaii.

But I propose that we turn our backs to the sea and take a look at Budva itself. What a picturesque Mediterranean town. Looks like a postcard, doesn't it?

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