Saturday, 14 May 2016


Today we will visit the Swiss town of Zug, the capital of the canton of Zug.

In modern German, the word "zug" means "train". In the Middle Ages it meant the right to fishing. And yes, the town of Zug (in the canton of Zug) lies on the border of the Lake Zug. The local people are not excessively creative when it comes to names.

Next to the lake you will find a small park.

You can also relax on the banks that are decorated with vibrant colours.

They contrast with the white feathers of the swans.

They are so popular in Zug that they even have a monument here!

The town of Zug was founded around year 1 200. Its old town is not very impressive. You can enter it by the Zytturm, 52 meters high tower, built in tne thirteenth century.

The residential buildings look similar.

Even the Town Hall does not stand apart. I would not guess this is an important building if there would be no sign on the wall.

The streets of the old town are narrow, leaving just enough space for a larger carriage.

This one is a bit nicer than the others.

Obviously the town has some churches as well. Like in all Swiss cities, towns and villages, you can find here catholic churches. This one is devoted to Saint Oswald.

Just next to them, you can find protestant churches. You can tell them apart thanks to the fact that catholic churches have on their towers a cross and the protestant ones have a rooster. The golden rooster is a symbol of Jesus Christ who breaks the power of the darkness, forgives sins and calls for a new day. Like the rooster who called when Saint Peter denied knowing his Lord.

I propose that we go now back to Lake Zug, there is one more thing I want to show you.

Have you noticed this strange structure?

And yes, this is actually a door to a tunnel that goes inside the lake.

Let's go down to see what journey it offers. Well, the road is not long but taking it you will be able to peep into the life of the inhabitants of the lake.

I have a feeling they have noticed us and try to get in contact. From their perspective we can probably say that we are inside a huge aquarium, protected by a glass wall.

I hope that you have enjoyed the small and calm town of Zug. Before going home I propose that we take a few steps on the pier.

Why don't we sit here for a moment and enjoy the view. Mountains, water, sunset. What can be better?

P.S. My human family made me realise that there is something better. Zug is not only a low tax area. It is also the capital of the kirsch cake. I propose we take a little step sideways and taste it a bit.


  1. What a beautiful place, Rick! Thank you so much for sharing this lovely tour. The swan looks aggressive in its body language. Here in Montreal a couple of years ago I was attacked by a gander (male goose) and its head was in the same position as that swan's...the neck was curled up. LOL! :)

  2. What a nice place and this horse, I love it <3

    check it out :)