Saturday, 21 November 2015

Mount Pilatus

This November was one of the warmest and most sunny since many years. I decided to take advantage of this fact and show you a place that is amazing in all periods and weathers but most of all on a truly sunny day. Mount Pilatus is for sure not the highest in Switzerland since it is only 2 128 meters high. But it dominates the landscape of Luzerne and offers fantastic panoramic view of the area. We could of course climb to the top but I propose that we rather take a cable car.

Here comes the lower station of the cable car railway. You surely spotted the dragon image - Pilatus Mountain is believed to be a dragon rock supposedly fell from the sky in the year 1420.

The gondolas seem very small when you look at them from the street level.

But in reality they are the size of a car, able to take four people at a time. And a little horse on top.

Let's jump in. Pilatus is the high mountain just in front of us.

When you look back, you can see a glimpse of the city behind us.

In the middle of our way we need to switch the gondola for a bigger one. Just enough time to look up to the mountain we are heading for.

The second type of gondola can take 55 people an needs less than 4 minutes to reach the top.

Look, there is a little church on the hill. I am really wondering how people get there for their masses.

Finally, the upper station of the cable car is just in front of us. I must say that this rock is really impressive.

And here we are. On top of Mount Pilatus, a mountain that was believed for many years to be cursed.

Have you noticed the red spot? It is a paraglider. More gliders are getting ready on the slope.

And here comes another one!

When you turn to the right, you will see a strange structure on one of the peaks.

This is a battery of artillery and a radar. because of its location, Mount Pilatus has a huge strategic significance for the Swiss military defence.

It is not allowed to go close to the radar, but we can go to a peak next to it and have a look in the direction of the city of Zug.

Look - it is the little church that we have seen from the cable car.

The little lake in the background is actually not that small. It is Lake Zug.

Alright, let's turn back. I propose that we go now up the other peak, the one above the cable car station.

Luckily there is no need to have ropes and pickaxes. The stairs are pretty comfortable. But I really recommend that you hold tightly the handrail

And finally here it comes. The most amazing view of Lake Lucerne, known also as the Lake of Four Cantons.

It is surrounded by mountains - some a bit lower ...

... and others high enough to be covered with snow even on a sunny day.

I propose that we go now down back to the railway station.

The big white building is a fancy hotel.

Let's take a nice cup of coffee and enjoy the view.

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