Saturday, 2 November 2013

Royal park of Łazienki (in autumn)

Almost two years ago I have shown you the Royal Park of Łazienki in Warsaw. It was winter so the park was pretty dark and sad. Today I will show you Łazienki again but this time in one of the nicest periods - autumn.

The park has a rectangular shape.

The lake and the palace in the back seem much nicer in sunlight.

The trees are of all colours.

The water is pretty cold already so the gondolas are sleeping gently next to the banks of the lake.

Squirrels try to hide in orange leaves.

The Palace on Water is undergoing a renovation.

Any ideas what these white things are?

The flowers still bloom ...

... though they are quite pale already.

Time to move them to the orangery now.

One new element of the park that was not there last time is the Chinese Avenue. It was originally designed in late eighteen century and renovated recently.

Those lanterns are really charming. They remind me of tea-houses in Taipei.

The original Chinese Avenue was designed by the last Polish king, Stanislas August Poniatowski. He is of course commemorated in the park.

In principle, I believe that the park misses a nice equestrian statue. Don't you think?

Let's pay a tribute to Chopin.

I think I already told you last time that I always have chills down my spine when I look at this monument.

Let's walk down again. Up the hill comes the Belweder palace. Everybody says "hello" to the Polish President.

And down the hill - do you see what I see?

Yes! It is the roe that we have seen already last time!

I must admit I was a bit surprised by the fact that there were so few people in Łazienki today. But I really enjoyed the fact I could walk calmly and admire the autumn in its full splendor.

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