Monday, 11 November 2013

Celebrating Independence in the Museum of the Polish Army

There are many ways to celebrate the independence of a country. Typically, the military services prepare some parades and the politicians give speeches. This year, the Independence Day was a unique occasion to get inside some of the equipment gathered in the Museum of the Polish Army. I have taken you there over a year ago. Today, Mike will let you sneak inside some of the exhibits. 

First it was possible to get closer to the T-55U main battle tank.

This is the main entrance into the tank. Not a big one, you must admit.

The orange whole is the place where missiles are loaded.

Then comes the Antonov An-2 plane.

The sexiest part is of course the yoke and all these buttons.

But I really liked this little shelf just above the windows. Feels like being in a local train, doesn't it?

I really liked this armoured car and I was looking forward to a nice ride. 

Unfortunately, for some reason that they did not want to explain, they were only letting kids on board. It does not really look like a stroller after all.

At least I was able to jump into (or rather onto) this jeep. Not as safe but surely faster.

The "Agata" search and target acquisition radar is so big that it was difficult to make a full picture of it, with all this crowd. So here comes a picture that we have found over the internet.

Inside there are some strange devices and I am not really sure how it works.

Last but not least, here comes the Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21.  

I am sure that each and every of you who has ever seen the Top Gun movie has dreamed at least once to fly a supersonic jet fighter aircraft.

So let's jump in an enjoy a dream coming true.

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