Saturday, 30 November 2013

Birchtree Island

After my last trip to Norway I got so many e-mail telling me that fjords are not the only place where it is possible to enjoy a close contact with the nature and water. In one of these e-mails I have received an invitation to a nice little island in the North-East of Poland, called Birchtree Island. If you are not sure what a birchtree is, here comes a hint.

To get on the island we need to take a boat. So let's come to the pier.

Here you can spot the buildings on the island.

We can take a little ferry.

Or maybe you would prefer this nice sailing boat as a means of transport?

Jump on, but be careful, it is not very stable.

 Looks almost as a fjord, isn't it?

The trip is not long, here comes already the pier on the island. The owners have told me that each house that they rent to tourists comes automatically with one of these colourful boats.

The houses themselves also look pretty Scandinavian, don't they? I believe we've seen a very similar one in Sandvika.

 My human family rushed to the playground.

I prefer to rest a bit in a nice hammock. So let the time flow around us my friends...

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