Sunday, 6 May 2012

Museum of the Polish Army

As you recall, I mentioned more than once that my family is proud of its military tradition. I have myself a particular interest in the military technology. In September I took you to MSPO fairs. Today I will show you a bit of the history of the Polish military equipment.

In the Museum you can see lots of interesting things. First of all let's have a look at the artillery. You can see there mortars ...

... and guns.

That one was surely not a small one, especially if you compare it to the size of a horse!

Then comes the Multiple Launch Rocket System ...

... and a self-propelled gun (here you see the SU-76).

Now admit it, you were sure that the next one will be a tank. And not, tanks are not artillery, they are armored cavallery. So a bit like horses. Just armored. Of course in the Museum you can see lots of tanks (the first one is the T-34).

Then come the infantry and their armored personal carriers. I climbed on a Russian made BTR-60 (believe it or not, it is still in use!).

As I moved on I noticed some strange structures. Coming closer I realised they are radars. They can be tall like this one ...

... or large like this one.

Radars are of course used to detect aircrafts. I detected lots of them. On the right the Russian-made Su aircrafts and on the left the Polish-made Lim aircrafts).

Once the artillery spots an aircraft they bring the anti-aircraft missiles. So we'd better run home. And fast!

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