Saturday, 26 October 2013

Przemyśl and its hills

Today we will visit three different places in Przemyśl. They are not too close but they are all located on some hills.

* * *

One of the most prominent historical monuments in Przemyśl is the Casimir Castle, that I have shown you already from the Cathedral Tower. You can go there with a car but you can also take a nice pedestrian path.

Here comes the main entrance.

The castle is located on a hill called (what a surprise) the Castle Hill. It rises 270 metres above the city so we can admire here a nice panorama of Przemyśl.

The castle itself is quite modest. But you need to remember that it was originally built in 1340.

In the courtyard you will surely notice some bricks.

When you take a step back you will notice that bricks form a round shape. These are the remainings of a rotunda that is dated to the first half of the eleventh century. Pretty old, isn't it?

This is probably the reason why there are some ghosts running here and then from time to time.

So mind your step and let's drive to our second hill.

* * *
Kopiec Tatarski is believed to be originally a place where Slavic gods (in particular Swarożyc, the god of fire) were worshipped. It is around 10 meters high so it will not take us long to climb it up.

From the top, on one side we can see again the city.

 And on the other some fields surrounding Przemyśl.

The hill itself does not offer that much. I am sure that you have guessed that there are no remainings of the temple devoted to the Salvic gods. It was replaced over time with a Christian church that did not survive the second world war. So today it is just a peaceful hill, fit perfectly for nice walks.

We need to take one of these paths to make a little detour in order to see the cross by which the city of Przemyśl has devoted itself to the Divine Mercy during the millennium events in 2000. The cross is 22 meters high and the Christ is over 4 meters tall.

Let's get down and head towards our third hill.

* * *

Zniesienie is part of the old fortress of Przemyśl, like Fort Bema is part of the fortress of Warsaw. It was built in late nineteenth century. Not that much remained of its defence role.

You may be surprised to find on the top of the hill some stairs.

No, this is not the Stairway to Heaven. This is an amphitheater where numerous concerts are held in the summertime.

Let's take a last look at Przemyśl from the top of the hill and let's move on to new adventures.

Once again thank you Edyta and Weronika for being my guides on this fantastic visit!


  1. Nie ma za co Rysiek! Jeszcze kiedyś możesz przyjechać i pojedziemy do Arboretum w Bolestraszycach oraz jeszcze kilka miejsc w Przemyślu można byłoby odwiedzić :)

  2. Zgadzam się z Edi :0) i jeszcze dodam że musisz Rysiek się jeszcze przejechać torem saneczkowym i zostało jeszcze do zobaczenia wzgórze - Winna Góra :)