Saturday, 19 October 2013

Przemyśl and its religions

One of the things that amazed me the most in Przemyśl is the fact that you can see there churches of so many confessions and religious orders, existing one next to the other. Today I will show you the most important and the most beautiful of them.

We will start with the main church of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Przemyśl - the Cathedral Basilica of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary and St. John the Baptist, known simply as the Cathedral of Przemyśl.

The tall tower next to it is called of course "cathedral tower". On top there is an observation deck. Do you fancy a little climb?

This old fashioned mechanism is used to move the bells.

And here they come.

I have of course visited many towers and many observation decks. But it is the first time that I can watch the city through a watch. Alright, not a watch but a clock but I still find it amusing.

Here you can see river San ...

... and here some more churches - the red one is Roman Catholic and is the house of the Salesians while the white one is taken care by the Order of Saint Basil the Great and belongs to the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church.

The white building is the Castle of Przemyśl. I will take you there next time.

Obviously, Przemyśl is also the seat of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Archeparchy, with its most important church being the Cathedral of St John the Baptist (yes, you noticed right, both cathedrals in Przemyśl are devoted to St. John).

The interior is very rich.

I liked in particular the paintings.

Before we even leave the cathedral we will see yet another church, this time Roman Catholic. This one is taken care by the Franciscans.

And pretty close to it the Carmelite Church of St. Theresa, Roman Catholic again.

But if you feel that Przemyśl only includes catholic churches (Roman and Ukrainian Greek) you are obviously wrong. There are also Orthodox churches here. The one that I liked best is the one in Wilcze district.

I like a lot its bell tower.

Finally, Przemyśl has also a synagogue that is located in the Zasanie district. Like most synagogues that I have shown you in the region it is no longer used and as such in a pretty bad shape.

I really enjoyed this lesson on religions and confessions. I hope that so did you.

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