Saturday, 12 October 2013

Przemyśl and its tobacco pipes

Many of you have told me that they wait impatiently to see pictures from Joe's wedding. Apologies my friends - Joe has sold them to "Hello" magazine for some zillions so I cannot spoil them the deal. Instead, I will take you on a trip around Przemyśl. More than trip one actually. To make it more interesting, I decided that each of the posts will have a main topic that will guide us through the city.

* * *
Let's start with the Market Square.

In the middle you will notice a fountain in the form of a bear. The bear is the main element of the coat of arms of Przemyśl.

Przemyśl has been for almost two centuries famous for its tobacco pipes workshops. To celebrate this fact, there is a very special monument on the market square.

Obviously, Przemyśl commemorates also one of the most famous users of tobacco pipes - the Good Soldier Švejk himself. Accompanied by a friend.

Let's now take the Franciszkanska Street.

Somewhere in the middle I have a date with my two dear friends - Edyta and her sister Weronika who have accepted to be my guides. (Apologies Ladies, but all that comes to my mind now is the line from "Chicago" musical when Catherine Zeta-Jones says "My sister Veronica and I ...").

We are heading towards this tower in the back of the street. It is located on the Independence Square.

It is the Clock Tower. It was built as the bell tower for a Greek-catholic cathedral that was never completed. So today it is a standalone building.

Inside you will find the Museum of Bells and Tobacco Pipes. A pretty unusual combination in my view.

In the middle of the square we find yet another nice fountain ...

... and yet another tobacco pipe.

On the side of the square stands the monument of the Polish Pope John Paul II. I start to wonder if I should not add a separate tag here, he is very popular amoung Poles, both in the home country and abroad.

Our last stop for today will be the postbox. I know well that all the friends are waiting impatiently to hear from me.


  1. wspaniale tak sobie przypomnieć chwile spędzone z Tobą :)

  2. Super u Was było Dziewczyny :). I to oczywiście jeszcze nie koniec wspomnień z Przemyśla!

  3. bardzo się cieszę że dobrze się bawiłeś :) i czekam na kolejne wspomnienia ;)