Saturday, 5 October 2013

Joe is getting married!

I never thougth this day will come. My friend Joe the Ram is getting married! Who would have thought ... Together with other friends we decided to organise for him a little stag-party. Feel invited!

Joe lives in Przemyśl, a nice city in the South-East of Poland. Actually we've been there for a moment when we were taking a ride on the path of Good Soldier Švejk. But today no bikes. We will start in a nice pub called "the bumper".

The tables and the stools are organised in a very cool way - inside old cars. This little beauty is a Fiat 126P, in the old days the dream of any young couple.

The great thing about this pub is that they are also ready for those guests who are less tall.

Let's start with a little bit of billiards. First we need to put the bills right - a little inspection is always worth consideration.

But be sure to run away quick enough!

I found a cue and we can play.

Then some table hockey with the groom.

Joe is getting ready to hit.

He must have forgotten that I am the Horse Champion in table hockey.

What I like here is also that they have really good music!

The guys wanted to move to another place. Bowling seemed a natural choice then.

Unfortunately it is hard to catch a bowling ball without fingers. So this time I will only watch.

Or maybe I will have a try with this punching machine? After all they say "strong as a horse", don't they?


After all those sports it is time to eat something. Let's look into the menu.

Yes, a good pizza will be the best choice.

And some refreshements. After all, we are celebrating the last night of Joe's freedom.

Here I actually lost track of my memories. I rememeber we were visiting some waterfalls. Though I never thought there is a waterfall in Przemyśl.


Finally, I landed somehow in our base. Don't ask me how. All I can tell you is - don't overdo with these refreshments. They never served me good.

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