Saturday, 28 September 2013

Knights Tournament

Today I will share with you an unusual moment - a real knights' tournament. If you believe that all knights are dead and gone you are wrong my friends. Fortunately.

The tournaments are often held in old medieval castles. Unfortunately we do not have in Warsaw a nice medieval castle to enjoy such events. Therefore it was organised in one of the old forts of the Warsaw fortress - the so-called Fort Bema, named after Józef Bem, one of the most prominent generals of the first half of the nineteenth century, a national hero of Poland and Hungary.

The  remainings of the fortress are hidden in the hills. A bit like in the Museum of the Polish Army that I have shown you some time ago.

The tournament was of course held on a flat, beaten earth.

The knights were dressing original armours. Or almost original.

Believe it or not but they were truely fighting for real! The one with the blue shield has on its helmet a veil of his beloved lady.

The one with the red shield seems really upset.

Luckily they did not involve horses ...

The other knight was not making it easy either.

Besides the fights themselves, the tournament was accompanied by a market of medieval craftsmen. The visitors could buy themselves some weapons ...

... or some old-fahioned baskets.

I loved this journey back in time. I hope that you have enjoyed it as well.

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