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The second village on our lighthouse trail is Jarosławiec. It is really small, just a couple of streets but it is very charming. Let's start with the lighthouse itself. It was built in 1829.

The lighthouse is over 33 meters high so from the top you can see the entire village. To see more you can also try this virtual tour.

When you look in the direction of the see you will notice a strange tall, greenish structure. It is a radar. I will take you closer later.

And on the hills you cannot miss the windmills. And yes, the wind is quite strong in this part of the country.

The lighthouse uses 6 strong lamps.

And here - the steering box. Doesn't look very complicated, does it?

Now let's get down and take this nice little street in the direction of the see. On the way we need to taste the icecream. And the waffers.

Take a look at this house. This way of building is called timber framing. It was popular in the region for centuries.

 On the left side of the lighthouse we will find an area administered by the Polish Navy.

It houses one of the radars protecting the Polish coast line. We have seen it already from the top of the lighthouse.

Further to the West you will find the fishing harbour.

 It is pretty small - one pier ...

... and a few ships.

This device is caled windlass. It is used to help ships approach the shore.

And this is an enforced part of the shore. I have no clue why they did it like this. Any thoughts?

Now let's turn back and start walking to the East. First we will find a nice beach. The day is sunny so it is full of people. These structures made of fabric are a typical feature of Polish beaches - they are meant to protect the sunbathers from the cold wind.

Let's move further until the little river.

It goes up to the village.

Finally we arive to another military area. It is marked by a grid and bright yellow signs.

As you may imagine, the beach in this part is empty.

I think that I have already told you that the Baltic Sea is cold. Very cold. So for all those of you who are not ready to put their feet into the sea Jarosławiec offers another option. An aquapark. First you need to take a shower. A dino-shower I mean.

Then we can run to the slides.

Or just swim a little.

I am chosing the nice jaccuzies with friendly bubbles. Let's enjoy and relax.

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