Saturday, 31 August 2013


I have been travelling recently to new countries, meeting new friends. Finally, the time has come to move with my human family for their well deserved vacation break. This year I will show you the Polish seaside. The main keyword will be "ligthouse".


Our first stop will be Ustka, a nice little town in the middle of the coast of the Baltic Sea. It is a popular summer resort with a nice, wide beach.

The Baltic sea is rather calm and not very salty. It is also very cold. Some people still bathe there but as you can see, just a few.

The others build some nice sand castles.

Or just enjoy the breeze in the fancy "beach baskets". And yes, normally the grid is open so that people can sit comfortably. You just need to pay the rent first.

If you would like to get closer to the sea without wetting your feet you can take this little pier. But do not go too far - the last part is reserved to seagulls.

On a day like this you are likely to meet most of the tourists on the promenade that passes next to the coast. It is full of shops and little stalls when you can buy all these useless things you could not live without during summer holiday.

Next to the promenade in Ustka you can have a chat with a smiling lady. This is one of the best Polish acresses, Irena Kwiatkowska.

Finally, we arrive to the lighthouse.


I really like the architechture so I will show it to you also from another angle. 

My family was too lazy to go on the top. What a disappointment. In order to make it up to you a bit, I invite you to take this virtual tour. I promiss next time they will improve.

Next to the lighthouse, you will find of course the harbour.

The white house is the seat of the Harbour Master (or Harbour Captain as they call him here).

In the harbour in Ustka you can spot many types of ships - those of fishermen and the ones that take tourists to cruises. But you will also meet some ships on public duty, like this one of the coast guards. 

 There will be for sure also military ships - Ustka houses a Naval Training Center of the Polish Navy.

And yes my friends, this ship in not small ...

... and surely it is not unprotected.

Finally, you can spot also the white ships of the Search and rescue forces.

I hope that you have enjoyed your first day on the Polish coast of the Baltic Sea. Watch out for some new stories (and new lighthouses of course)!

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