Saturday, 3 August 2013

On the paths of the Good Soldier Švejk (part 2)

I had a good night sleep though I must admit to have a slight headache. I start to admire Švejk even more. My friends advised me to put on my sunglasses. They do help.

On the bikes my friends.

Today we will start with Mostyska.

Again a nice church in bright colours.

And another one, just as blue.

Have you noticed the bus? Maybe it does not look impressive but trust me, Ukrainian buses are more robust that they seem. To fully understand this you need to realise what Ukrainian roads look like. At least part of them.

In all the small villages we were passing by we could admire nice orthodox churches.

Many of them had golden domes and flowers around. I think this one was my favourite.

Luckily the land is pretty flat, otherwise it would be hard to ride a bike for so many kilometers.

Another short stop, this time in Dobromyl.

Here comes the town hall.

And the monument of the most famous Polish poet Adam Mickiewicz.

A short technical break.

And back to admiring churches in the little villages.

In Skelivka we could pay our tribute to the monument of Švejk himself.

Slowly, we are approaching the Polish border. One of the last towns on our way is Nizankovich.

The border crossing is quite modest in my view.

This is the end of our trip. What can I say - "Švejk is and always will be alive!".


  1. Wspaniała podróż :) Szkoda że Ryszard nie miał okazji przejechać się marszrutką, bo to jest niezapomniane przeżycie ;)

  2. Przejście w Niżankowicach jest skromne, gdyż jest czynne raz w roku oraz na specjalne okazje. Myśmy musieli się specjalnie umawiać na daną godzinę, by nas przepuścili.