Saturday, 24 August 2013

Summer in BUW Garden

Some time ago I have shown you the Garden of the Library of the Warsaw University. It was late autumn, dark and gloomy, with hardly any leaves. I have promissed then to go back there to show it to you in full beauty. So here it comes.

The green building of the Libray looks in my view much better when it is surounded by deep green grass.

The little river is covered by nice yellow flowers and water lillies.

The strange-shaped structures that I have shown you last time are still odd. But at least they are partly covered with plants which makes them less scary.

In winter the part of the garden that is located on the roof is closed. This time we will be lucky to enjoy it as well. The stairs are not as high as they seem.

Of course the garen will offer us many new flowers there.

But what is far more amazing, we will be able to look inside the Library itself. First of all, the roof is made out of glass.

Then also in the walls there are special windows that allow to admire the inside.

Of course, some of the walls are even completely made out of windows. In the end it is a library, it requires lots of light for the students to read and study.

From the rooof of the Library we can admire the panorama of the Vistula river and some of the surrounding buildings. I am sure I do not have to introduce you to the round-shaped building with white and red stripes.

The river is calm though definitely not blue. I would not dare to take a bath there.

The brown building is the Copernicus Science Center. I have never been there so far - the queue is normally enormous. But I still hope to visit it one day.

Let's get a final look at the garden down stairs.

Now let's move down - I will show you the Library itself. The most characteristic item are the pink bookshelves next to the entry. Do not ask me why they are pink. All I can tell you is that luckily with time the pink becomes less vibrant. You can only imagine what it looked like ten years ago ...

The main entry will not surprise you - green glass and green leaves everywhere.

The entrance to the main part where books are stored is guarded by four gentlemen.

Obviously these are not bodyguards. They are four famous Polish philosophers of the twentieth century - Kazimierz Twardowski, Jan Łukasiewicz, Alfred Tarski and Stanisław Leśniewski 

Here comes the cataloges (of course, there is an on-line version as well, we are not in the Middle Ages).

The books are more or less everywhere. You can literally seen between them.

And finally - up close to the ceiling you can see the round-shaped windows through which we were peeking inside the Library just a moment ago. Wave to the visitors and smile!

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