Saturday, 9 June 2012


I still have not seen everything I want to see in Prague. But I had to come back to Warsaw this weekend. I simply had to. After all, it was a once in a lifetime chance to show you the opening match of the European Football Championships. This year, the UEFA EURO Finals take place in Poland and Ukraine. Warsaw is one of the proud hosting cities.

You can see the signs of the football madness everywhere.

The opening game was taking place at the National Stadium (you might remember the basket that I have shown you from the Palace of Culture and Science).

The crowd was overwhelming. I hoped to find some rest in this nice lounge. Unfortunately the Men in Black did not let me in.

So I strolled to the lucky gate number 7.

They scanned my ticket and I was allowed to enter the Temple of Sports.

I liked in particular the roof. In the middle there were huge TV screens where everyone could see the most important parts of the match. Just in case the people standing in front of you would not let you see the players.

The National Stadium in Warsaw has 58,000 places. This one was mine.

The match was to be played between Poland and Greece. You could see quite many Greeks.

And a few more Poles.

Everybody was waiting for the game to begin when strange people in black suits entered the stadium and started to put a blue thing on the grass.

After a few minutes, the playing area looked like a small lake.

The reason was probably so that the dancers do not ruin the grass. You probably ask yourselves what would dancers do in a football field. Well, they danced.

It was a very nice and colourful show.

Then a huge logo of the game arose.

Finally, Slavek and Slavko, the Official Mascots entered the playing field. It was the sign that the match is to begin at last.

Both teams played with devotion.

After the first half Poland was winning 1:0. Then suddenly it lost a goal.

And them came the worst. The Polish goal keeper got a red card, followed by a penalty.

To the delight of all Polish supporters, the new goal keeper managed to defend the penalty! The match ended with 1:1. Which is probably a fair score. Though of course 2:1 for Poland would be slightly better. Keep your fingers crossed for the next match!

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