Saturday, 30 June 2012

UEFA EURO 2012 (part.2)

In a recent pool my firends postcrossers told me that the story from the opening match of the UEFA EURO 2012 was their preferred one. So I decided to share with you one of the semi-finals as well.

The semi-final was played on the National Stadium.

Already when I was approaching the stadium it was obvious who is going to play.

Football is a game that unleashes strong emotions. As a result, not all fans behave the way they should. To prevent incidents, the stadium was surrounded by policeman. Of course, I liked best these ones.

I booked a comfortable place in one of the skyboxes.

Before the match started we could watch a little dancing show.

Then the call for respect began. Both captains read a message in their native languages. The supporters had their part too.

The national anthems were a moving moment. Unfortunatelly the supporters of one of the teams did not understand the "respect" message and were booing, whistling and hissing during the other country's anthem. Very bad behaviour folks.

During the German anthem a huge flag arose.

The teams shook hands.

Finally, the game began.

The German supporters were all excited.

No surprise, since Buffon was very busy in the first minutes.

A relief for the Italian sector - no goal this time.

And then out of a sudden the ball was in the German goal. Balotelli is an amazing player. The Italian team was more than happy.

If you rememebr well, the opening match included a penatly. Well, this one as well. This allowed Mesut Özil to score his first goal in the chapmionship.

The match ended with 2:1 for Italy. As it was the last match of the championship played in Poland, a huge "thank you" message entered the field.

That was really a great match and I enjoyed it a lot. See you in 2 years in Brazil!

P.S. Thanks to Mariusz for his support with the pictures.

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