Saturday, 2 June 2012

Old Town of Prague

Today I will show you the Old Town of Prague. As you probably guessed, it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, together with the Hradčany district. We will start our trip at the main gate leading to the Old Town - the Prašná brána (or Powder Gate). I think that merchants from all over Europe who were coming to visit Prague in the Middle Ages must have been really impressed. 

Next to it you will see the Municipal House (Obecní dům). It was built in the Art Nouveau style at the beggining of the 20th century.

The Powder Gate will lead you to the Old Town Square. It is surrounded by nice residential buildings.

In the middle you will see the monument of Jan Hus, burnt as a heretic in 1415.

The Old Town Square of Prague has one funny feature. It has a beautiful Church of Our Lady Before Tyn. But for a reason that I could not understand they have built houses just in front of it so you can only see its towers.

Opposite to the church you will find the Old Town Hall (and yes, there is a New Town Hall, you will see it in a separate note).

The Old Town Hall is known for its astronomical clock called Orloj, one of the oldest in the world.

If you come to the Old Town of Prague, you must take a walk to the old Jewish district of Josefov. You will see there many beautiful synagogues, like the Spanish synagogue ...

... or the Maisel Synagogue.

You will also be able to pay your tribute to Franz Kafka, whose house I have shown you already.

If you leave the Old Town by walking in the direction of the Veltava river, you must see two theaters. First of all the Rudolfinum, house of the Czech Filharmonic.

Next to the Legia Bridge you will see the National Theater. It was very funny for my Polish human family as the Czech name for it is Národní divadlo. "Dziwadło" means in Polish something very strange, in a rather negative sense. The building however is really nice.

 And just my last stop - friends Postcrossers, I did not forget about you!

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