Saturday, 14 September 2013


The third lighthouse I will show you will be in the biggest city on the coast that I have visited this year - Kołobrzeg. To reach the seaside, we will walk through a nice park.

On the parking lot, I noticed a real beauty - it is an original Wartburg. They were very popular in Poland in communist times. The production ended in April 1991 but a few of them still drive on Polish roads. My human family told me that this has always been the most popular colour. Yes, they are really old if they can rememebr it.

Here you can see the office of the Harbour Master. The building is quite similar to the one that we have seen in Ustka.

Finally, we arrive to the lighthouse. It was built in 1946 - the one that used to stand here before was blown up by Germans in 1945. It is 26 meters high. If you want to see what it looks like at night, I encourage you to take this virtual tour.

The lighthouse includes a monument dedicated to those who perished at sea. Next to it there is a monument of Stanisław Mieszkowski, a Polish captain who was commanding warships during World War II.

It is of course possible to climb up the lighthouse. From the top you can see the entry to the harbour.

The little white building is the seat of the Technical Master of the Harbour.

In the harbour there are of course many ships.

As in Ustka, you can spot some military vessels. But don't be fooled, this one is in fact a civil ship, offering commercial cruises to tourists.

 As you surely guessed, the tall building on the other side of the river is a radar.

The surroundings of the harbour are populated with nice, colourful residential buildings.

On the other side of the lighthouse we can spot the beach.

Let's get down to feel the breeze better.

Like in Ustka, the weather has scared most of the bathers, leaving the beach to seagulls.

You may think "yet another post with same views, what is so much different about Kołobrzeg?". Well the amazing thing is that it is really a pretty big city. A few hundreds meters from the beach you can almost forget you are in a seaside town.

 * * *

Alright, this was the last lighthouse I wanted to show you. But I still have a little surprise for you. But I keep it for next time.

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