Saturday, 21 September 2013

Wild West

When we were in Kołobrzeg, my human family insisted that we visit the Wild West. I was trying to explain them it is quite far away but it turned out that they meant an entertainement park near the city. From the very beggining you can see who the most welcomed guests are.

The park is divided into zones. First, the native American zone. Easy to recongnize by their houses. And no my friends, these are not wigwams. These are tipis.

 If you want to become a tribesman, you need to practice with the bow and arrows. Everyday and no excuses will be accepted.

 The chief himself is watching the area.

The tall structure in the back is a totem. It is meant to protect the tribe against evil minds and other ennemies.

As you have surely guessed these ennemies meant in most cases the settlers from Europe. They came in with their big charriots, showing no respect to humans and horses.

Others came on horses. The small one looks just like my niece.

Then they started to build towns with banks ...

... and saloons.

Let's have a look inside.

The food must be very disappointing because it is completely empty.

Of course, I was exaggerating. Many of the settlers were nice people looking for a nice place where they could raise their children in peace. Unfortunately this town was not the best place for it.

Finally the sheriff came in. Then the bad guys landed where their place was. They were not very happy of course.

But I guess prison is still a better place than this one (the second note says "he thought that my horses were his ...")

Next to the village there is also a mini-zoo. You can spot there peacocks ...

... rabbits (many rabbits) ....

 ... and emus. Yes, emus come from Australia not from America. I have no clue how and why they have landed here.


So are you tired my frends? Jump onboard. Rick will take you back home today.

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