Saturday, 18 February 2012

Royal Park of Łazienki (in winter)

Unfortunately, during my last trip to Elbląg I caught a little cold. So this week I decided to stay at home and drink hot tea with raspberry juice. In preparation for future adventures I will tell you about my visit the Royal Park of Łazienki. I was there on the New year's Eve.

The first thing that you will surely notice as you enter is the amazing monument of the famous composer Fryderyk Chopin, sitting under a willow tree.

I love this monument, it is so dynamic.

In 2010, Warsaw celebrated the 200 anniversary of birth of Chopin. One of the initiatives were 14 Chopin's Benches. The benches are located in historical spots associated somehow with Chopin. They are not only nice to look at – when you press the button you can hear an air composed by Chopin. One of the benches is located in Łazienki where you can listen to POLONAISE in A major, Op. 40 No. 1; 39” .

I think it is great, especially in winter time. In summer it is much nicer to come to the monument on a Sunday afternoon when piano recitals are held that are open to the public and free.  For the time being, you may enjoy the music from the benches under this link.

The Łazienki park was designed in the 17th century by Tylman van Gameren, in the baroque style. The park is large enough to house many species of animals and birds, including roes …

… and peacocks.

If you start your visit by the Chopin monument then you have to take a walk down the hill.

The most interesting building there is the Palace on the Water.

It is located on an artificial island surrounded by a lake.

The lake is populated by mane fishes, in particular the royal carps, typical for Poland only. The large variety of fishes attracts obviously lots of birds. At some point I felt like in a Hitchcock movie. 

In front of the palace there is a sundial. Oh God, is it so late? I need to run then. I will surely be back here in Spring – this is when the Park reveals its true beauty.

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