Saturday, 4 February 2012

Railroad Museum in Warsaw

The last weeks were freezing in Warsaw – we even had temperatures of -20 centigrade!  I then decided to visit a place that would be indoors. I chose the Museum of Railroad in Warsaw. It has a very interesting collection of models of old trains. Just name a few – a steam locomotive from 1804. 

Express steam locomotive “Lightening”.

Electric wagon EN 80

 There are even armored trains, used by the army.

Suddenly, I have seen somebody who looked a lot like me. I came closer. This was amazing, - my great great great uncle Mike!

I always knew that we horses are the source of all progress!

Inside the museum you can see also some installations with small trains moving on small rails. You can even see the steam.

The museum has also an outdoor exhibition when you can see some real trains. Regardless of the cold, I decided to have a walk there as well.  First I saw the impressive armoured train.

The cannon is huge!

You can see there trains of all shapes and colours. Some are green…

 …  some are black as the night …

 …  while others remind me of sun in the blue sky.

So let’s jump on the stairs and off we go!

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