Saturday, 8 December 2012

Wildnis park in Zurich

My cruise on the Zurich lake led me to a nice city of Thalwil. Next to Thalwil there is a wildlife park called Wildnis Park. This is not a zoo. Animals do not have cages. They run in a vast area in the mountains. The amazing thing is that animals are just a few meters from houses.

Next to the entrance I saw some deers.

As I moved forward, I chose the "Easy Route". When I was coming back I was really wondering what the "Hard Route" would look like.

The Easy Route led me to wolves. From this perspective they really look like bigger dogs.

To complete the picture, there were also some wild cats (do not expect tigers, these are actually cats, just wild). I could not help the feeling that this one was looking at me in a strange way. I hope they do get fed regularly.

Here comes a family of boars.

The biggest attraction of the Park are bears. Unfortunatelly they did not show up today. I was however impressed by the comparison of the size of the bears and human. That confirms what I saw in the Museum of the Evolution.

The animals seemed pretty happy in this park. Though I am sure they would prefer to travel around the world like me.

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