Saturday, 22 December 2012

Zurich ZOOh

My visit in Zurich took me quite a while. As a last stop I decided to visit some of my friends in the Zurich zoo.

Generally, I am not a huge fan of cages and fences but it would be difficult to meet otherwise some of the species. In Zurich you can see animals of all kinds and colours. It seems however that blue and yellow are the most popular ones. You can check it both with the fishes (the blue one is called Amblygobius phalaena, I think it is a very cool name) ...

... and the amphibians.

The birds also have some elements of blue and yellow.

I liked a lot the penguins - they were having fun despite of the visitors, jumping, swimming and apparently laughing a lot.

This owl seemed to say "don't you dare coming close to my lunch!". As if horses were interested in eating mice.

This nice crocodile comes from the Philippines. It is very nice. At least as long as there is a strong glass wall between him and you.

Obviously, the mammals have the biggest representation (at least they take most of the space). The anteaters have a very nice pitch.

A little 'hello' to my black&white cousins.

The llama tried to give me a kiss. I know I am irresistibly handsome but sorry m'am, we are not the same species.

Luckily the tigers did not try to come close. Not that I was scared, I just don't like big cats this much.

And the last ones. The gorilla mom feeding her baby looks so much human. It is truely amazing how close these species are. Just that they are on two sides of a glass wall.

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  1. Faktycznie ZOO w Zurychu jest ciekawe, a zdjęcia niektóre są słodkie (np. ostatnie) :) Tym bardziej utwierdzam się w przekonaniu, że kiedyś to miasto muszę zobaczyć :)