Saturday, 1 December 2012

A cruise on the Zurich Lake

As you probably remember, Zurich is located in the lower part of the Zurich Lake. Of course, Zurich is not the only town located on the banks of this lake.

The best way to see the lake and the villages around it is to take a trip with one of the boats. The boats are part of the cantonal public transport and you can use the same tickets you will use in trains or trams.

The Zurich harbour (though it is rather a pier) is in the very city center.

I have seen such boxes with lifebuoys in many places next to the lake, also on the pedestrian zone that I have shown you recently. I like it - safety first!

As you may see, the day was gloomy and rather cold. But Swiss people are tough. I have seen many of them in kayaks and canoes.

Luckily, the ship was warm and nice. The passengers could choose to hide inside (I loved the idea od a glass roof) ...

... or enjoy the breeze outside. All right, maybe the breeze was not such an attraction this day so the open deck was almost empty.

Because of the weather, the view was not as spectacular as it could have been. I could hardly see the other side of the lake.

I focused then on the buildings we were passing by. If you live by the Zurich lake you have to be really well-off. This means also that you need to have a parking place for your motorboat next to your house.

Recently in Warsaw the city has built many so-called "Park & Ride" parking lots where people can come with their cars and continue with the underground or other public transports. In Zurich I saw similar parking places next to the boat stations. They just had two levels. One for cars. And another one for motorboats, of course.

Another thing I liked were the bathing spaces, with toboggans leading directly to the lake. I've heard that on sunny days they are full of children.

Finally, the weather began to improve a bit. I saw a ray of light.

This will make the trip much nicer.

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