Saturday, 24 November 2012


Bahnhofstrasse is the most famous street in Zurich.

It starts on the borders of the Zurich Lake. One of the first buildings is the Swiss National Bank. This is one of two head offices of SNB (the other one is in Bern). The SNB is amongst other issuing the Swiss Francs. Did you know that they are also the legal currency in Liechtenstein?

Later on all you will see are luxury shops. Jewelries like Tiffany & Co. ...

... or Mont Blanc (though this one is most famous for its writing instruments).

Then come the boutiques of the famous cloth designers. You will see there windows with the old-fashioned French and Italian names like Chanel ...

... Armani ...

... or Prada.

But the new trendy designers are also here, just look at Tommy ...

... and Jimmy Choo, the god of fancy sandals.

I decided to spare your sensitive hearts and I did not show you the pricetags. In some cases I counted the zeros three times. Unlike Milan, I could not find a single place where I would be tempted to go. This will definitely not be my favourite shopping spot.

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