Thursday, 1 November 2012

Royal Botanic Garden (Ontario)

Our next stop in Canada was the Royal Botanic Garden. It is located on the border of Burlington and Hamilton in Ontario.

The RBG includes a few distinct parts. In the Rock Garden you can see and smell some local and exotic plants. Like the fountain grass ...

... or the hibiscus.

The day was extremely hot, almost 40 centigrades. So I took this nice lane ...

... that lead me to a fountain.

Unfortunately, bathing was forbidden. At least for horses. So I only washed my horseshoes.

With a new strength, we moved to the Hendrie Park. On our way, I saw one of the most amazing things I have seen ever. A bee colony without an actual nest or hive, just attached under a footbridge.

Inside the Hendrie Park I saw (surprise surprise) some nice plants.

And a bit more plants.

But of course a modern botanic garden cannot only show plants. We were lucky to see an exhibition of a sculptor from Zambia (another must-see place for me).

Finally, we went to the RGB Center. The biggest attraction was the artificial lake with colourful fishes. Alexandra told me that when she put fingers inside the lake the fish came and touched her finger tips. I preferred not to check.

And some nice water lilies to complement the fish.

I really enjoyed this trip to the Royal Botanic Garden. As they say - any trip is nice if it is done in good company.

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