Saturday, 29 December 2012

Dancing Fountains in Warsaw

It took me a while to describe you my trips to Canada and to Zurich. In the meantime I have been to a couple of places that I did not manage to show you. The most important attraction I wanted you to see are the dancing fountains in the Old Town of Warsaw. They are now closed because it is too cold. But I hope this post will incite you to visit them when spring will come.

To get to the dancing fountains you need to go the part of the Old Town called New Town, more precisely to the New Town Market Square.

The New Town as you have guessed is not so new, since it was founded in the 15th century. The New Town Square is large and surrounded with nice residential buildings.

The biggest building on the square is the church of St. Casimir (Kazimierz).

Now we need to go down the hill to the level of the Vistula river. There, you will find a park with the fountains.

First, you will see a set of small fountains.

They are very funny - they "jump" into both directions following the people walking around. The kids love them.

They also change colours.

Further on, you will see the big fountain.

It is really impresive.

But the best thing is that it can really dance. Unfortunately it dances after dark and usually the place is so crowded that it is hard to take good pictures. But you may have a glimpse at the spectacle here.

Next to the fountain you will see an elegant, old-fashioned gentleman. It is William Lindley, a famous British engineer. He designed the water and sewerage systems in Warsaw.

He stands next to a very special bench.

Yes, you are right its legs are made of water!

This was a tiring afternoon. It's time for the biggest attraction of the Old Town. The waffers with whipped cream!

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