Saturday, 15 December 2012

Tramway Museum in Zurich

Another point on my "to see" list in Zurich was the Tram Museum.  I was inspired by the tram with the married couple that I have shown you on the Paradeplatz.

The tram network in Zurich is large and well organised.

This requires of course many trams. As a consequence you can see in the museums trains of all coulours. Green ones ...

... and blue ones.

Some yellow ones ...

... and red ones too.

The great thing about this museum is that everybody is allowed to go inside each of the trains, even those very old.

It is even possible to test the steering mechanisms.

For those of us who are a bit smaller there are nice models which show the trams in the right perspective.

There is even the possibility to see closely the uniforms of the tram service officers from different periods.

The last picture comes with some special greetings to my friends Postcrossers. This is a little wagon that used to transport the letters (and postcards) across the city of Zurich.

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