Saturday, 3 March 2012

Museum of Evolution in Warsaw

During my visit to the Palace of Culture and Science, I decided to visit one of the museum located there. I chose the Museum of the Evolution.

You should enter by the North side of the Palace (so-called Palace of Youth).

You can meet there many species, starting of course with dinosaurs. The most scaring were the Tarbosaures. A young one ...

... ad an old one (better look from the behind, you never know…).

Just to give you an idea of its size, you can have a closer look at its foot.

Giant reptiles are not the only fossils you can see there. The most important inhabitant of the museum is of course the ancestor of horses (not as handsome as me though).

The museum shows you of course where the evolution has ended. You can see birds (here a hawk attacking his pray)…

… reptiles …

… and mammals (like wild cats).

Talking of mammals – bears seem to be bigger than I thought.

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