Saturday, 24 January 2015

Illumination of the Royal Route in Warsaw (2015) - Łazienki Park

It has become a little tradition that every year I show you on this blog the illumination of the Royal Route in Warsaw. Last year we were at its Southern end in Wilanów, two years age at the Northern end in the Old Town, and three years ago - in the Łazienki Park that lies more or less in the middle.

This year, I decided to check what has changed in the Illumination in and around Łazienki Park over those past three years.

Let's enter the so-called Chinese alley from the South. The entrance itself is already inviting.

The Chinese alley is populated this year by beautiful ladies and some elegant gentlemen. This one looks very classy, don't you think?

This lady reminds me of Mary Poppins - do you think she could fly on this umbrella?

This couple seems to take a walk in the park despite the cold.

And this one is just standing there and watching all the visitors passing by.

The park itself is not illuminated and if fact it is quite dark. Luckily they have put some lights on this little bridge, otherwise some people might have missed it and realise it only with their feet in the little canal.

Let's walk a little on the side of the main alley to see the Palace on the Water. In front of it there is a lovely Christmas tree.

I was a bit disappointed because the Palace itself is not decorated.

Still, the game of light and shadows make it worth seeing after dark.

At the end of the Chinese valley there is a little Chinese pavilion. Easy to spot and to recognise thanks to the traditional red lanterns. They remind me of my trip to Taiwan.

Let's walk out of the park and climb up the Agrykola street. We will be accompanied by a shiny ceiling.

Aleje Ujazdowskie have some new decorations too. I think I like them more that the previous ones.

They look like huge Christmas tree decorations.

And another Christmas tree, this time in front of the Prime Minister Office.

As you might remember, next to the main entry to Łazienki Park there is a monument of the father of Polish independence - Józef Piłsudski. Since a few months it is possible to admire his car, a Cadillac 335D Series 30 from 1935.

The renovation of this limousine was an initiative of the Polish President. Here you can watch a little movie about it.

I hope that you have liked this short walk. Since it is pretty cold (minus eight centigrade today), I propose we finish it in front of the President's offices in Belweder.

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