Saturday, 10 January 2015

Pole Mokotowskie

After all my trips I am finally back home. Just on time to show you a glimpse of snow in one of the nicest parks in Warsaw - Pole Mokotowskie (Mokotów Field). It is quite large, with almost 70 hectares. A smaller part is located on the right side of Niepodległości Ave. and a bigger one on its left side.

I propose we start next to the National Library.

Let's leave our car on the right side of the street, next to one of the best known nightclubs in Warsaw, called (what a surprise) Park.

The blue building is the house of the Polish Patent Office. If you make an invention or a discovery and you want to officially register it and protect, you will need to ask these gentlemen to do it.

Let's cross the street. Niepodległości Ave. is one of the largest streets in Warsaw, always full of cars. Luckily, we do not need to wait for them to stop, we can take this little bridge.

This is the main entrance to the National Library. The Library was established in 1928 and it has in its archives all books that were published in Poland (all publishers are legally obliged to send one copy of each book to the National Library).

In summer time, the alleys of Pole Mokotowskie are crowded with people. In winter you can feel almost as the owner of the place.

We are now on a path dedicated to one of the most famous Polish journalists and travelers, Ryszard Kapuściński.

In the back you can spot the "city" of Warsaw, with some skyscrapers. The life vibrates over there but the park itself is really calm today.

In various places of the park you can spot some sculptures. This young lady seems to think of some serious problems.

On the other hand, these gentlemen just enjoy themselves.

This large area is in warmer times a lake with a fountain.

Next to it, you will find a special memorial of Mr. Kapuściński. When you look from one side you only see a sentence, reminding us that "Photography is the visual memory of the world".

But when you move a bit in the side, you can admire some of the most important pictures taken by Kapuściński himself.

In the back you surely noticed a playground for children. No surprise - it is empty today.

On a small hill you will find a very special monument. It commemorates the roots of Pole Mokotowskie park. You might have asked yourself how it has happened that such a big green area exists in the middle of a capital city. Well, a hundred years ago it was an airport! Really, with airplanes landing and taking off regularly.

Today the only flights that you may see here will be those of the skateboarders ...

... or bees that have their houses here.

I propose we take a little rest on one of the banks. I will take the snow off for you.

Now we can enjoy winter time in its highest beauty.

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