Saturday, 17 January 2015

LEGO Exhibition

The last weeks were really cold in Warsaw. Therefore, I have opted for some indoor activities again. This year Warsaw is the host of the biggest exhibition of LEGO cubes in Poland. Let's check what they have managed to put together.

The exhibition takes place at the National Stadium that we have seen together during EURO 2012 finals.

As a compliment for the venue, one of the first exhibits is its LEGO twin.

The exhibition includes a number of topics. In the first place you can see there examples of all types and lines of LEGO. There are a few "LEGO Cities". Some of them show everyday life.

Others present some special places like this amusement park.

There is LEGO Technics for the teenage fans ...

... and DUPLO for the youngest.

Even the Spinjitzu masters from the most recent line of "Ninjago" cubes are present.

Later on come cubes showing the most famous buildings in the world. There is the Statue of Liberty - seems almost like the one that I have shown you during my cruise around Manhattan.

Then comes one of my biggest dreams - Taj Mahal.

The antique Forum Romanum ...

... is only a few steps from the Palace of Culture and Science.

The exhibition commemorates some historical events. It is possible to have a look at what Warsaw looked like in 1981 and 1982, during Martial Law in Poland. Long queues everywhere (and tanks here and there).

A bit further - a memory of what could have been a huge tragedy but became a huge joy - a copy of the Boeing 767 that Cpt. Wrona managed to land safely in Warsaw despite the lack of wheels. It was built by students from the Technical University in Rzeszów who have used 7.5 thousand cubes. On the top the pilot has left an autograph. This LEGO aircraft was sold at a charity auction for the benefit of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity.

The biggest exhibit commemorates what ufortunately did become a huge tragedy. This copy of Titanic is just 25 smaller than the original, 3 meters tall and 11 meters long. The authors have used half a million cubes to build it.

Last but not least come the famous films and books retold through LEGO cubes. First the multi-awards winner, Avatar.

Pif-Paf City is a western town from famous comic books about Tytus, a humanised chimpanzee.

What is great is that the exhibition is not only about buildings, it tells whole stories, with lots of little figurines being very busy.

A few steps further you may see a scene from Indiana Jones movies.

A just here - Pirates of the Caribbean.

This poor little guy is obviously Frodo Baggins stung in Cirith Ungol by the giant spider Shelob. His faithful Samwise Gamgee tries to rescue him.

The last topic that I will show you is represented by many constructions and I will just show you a few. Well, I admit, I am a huge fan of Star Wars so I could not pass by the Millennium Falcon wothout showing it to you.

You can see all types of places - the AT-ATs walking on the icy planet Hoth from Part V "The Empire Strikes Back".

... and the volcanic rivers on planet Mustafar from Part III "Revenge of the Sith".

Not to forget this amazing Star Destroyer. It is 2 meters long and required 60 thousand cubes - they weigh 50 kilograms!

So next time that you ask in your letter for LEGO cubes you can try to be more specific. Then you can leave the letter to this gentlemen.

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