Saturday, 7 January 2012

Illumination of the Royal Route in Warsaw (2012)

Today, I will show you a part of the Royal Route in Warsaw. The Royal Route is a common name for streets that led from The Royal Castle in Warsaw to the Wilanów Palace. Nowadays, the Royal Route is beautifully illuminated to celebrate the Christmas time. I then decided to have a look. I turned out to be true, though it is not easy to take a good overall picture.

When you come closer you can see it better.

As I was already there, I went to see some of the governmental buildings located there, in particular the Chancellery of the Prime Minister of Poland. I followed the sign:

The building of the Chancellery is neoclassical and was built in 1900. It used to be a siege of Cadet Corps. I must admit that I like the style of military buildings a lot.

Then, I followed the way to the Belweder, where the President of the Republic of Poland, resides.

First, I saw the monument of Józef Pilsudski a great marshal and the father of the independence of Poland. He is known for loving Chestnut the horse that served with him in the army. My father always told me that she was some great-great aunt of mine.

The Belweder building is not very big but I think it looks really nice, no surprise the president wanted to make it his official residence. 

Unfortunately, because of this, you can only see it through the fence.

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