Sunday, 6 November 2011


Wilanów is a district of Warsaw. It is best known for its baroque palace built by Tylman van Gameren and the surrounding gardens. I love to visit Wilanów on a sunny day - the yellow walls fill me with optimism.

It is quite amazing, but the back of the palace looks just like to front side.

Make sure you do not miss the garden. It has a wide variety of flowers in different colours. It is a French-style garden, which means that it is symmetric and well planned (as opposed to the English-style garden that is more or less growing wild).

The flowers smell great!

The Wilanów Park also includes a lake (here it becomes closer to the English-style garden that always includes a lake).

It is pretty romantic. At least as long as you are able to pretend that you do not see the chimneys of the Siekierki heat and power plant, the biggest of this kind in Poland.

After such a long walk, I love to sit for a while in a nice cafe and reward myself with something sweet.

This ice cream will just be perfect.

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