Saturday, 1 April 2017

Lugano - Mt. San Salvatore

Today we will start a journey through Ticino, the Italian-speaking canton of Switzerland. Out first stop will be the beautiful city of Lugano. This time we will not visit it by walking around - I will show it to you from bird-eye perspective. But since horses cannot fly, we will need to use the funicular to Mount San Salvatore.

The train is already waiting for us.

Off we go!

In the middle we have to switch trains. I assume the cable that moves the funicular would be otherwise too long.

The upper part of the trail is really steep.

Finally, we arrive to the top. This mountain is called Monte San Giorgio. We will visit it soon.

The road that runs through the lake is leading to Melide.

Here comes Lake Lugano. It reminds me a bit of Lake Lucerne that we have seen from the top of Mount Pilatus.

Let's go a bit further up, in the direction of the television and radio antenna.

On top of the hill you will find a church devoted to Saint Saviour (or San Salvadore). It was built at the beginning of eighteenth century and is managed by the Confraternity of Saint Martha and the Good Death.

It is possible to go on roof top of the church.

There, you will find the most spectacular observation deck in the region.

And here it comes, the city of Lugano, as seen from the top of San Salvatore church on the top of San Salvatore mountain.

In the back you can see the snow alpine peaks.

The lake is long and includes many sections. The area behind us is less populated.

Though some small villages are crouched to the mountain and lake side here and there.

Time to get back on the funicular so that we do not miss the last one and do not have to go down on foot.

It is the best place to admire the marina of Lugano.

One day we need to come here again and take a cruise on the Lake Lugano, similar to the one we took on Laggo Maggiore. But now we need to catch a train, there are still some places in Lugano that I want to share with you.

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