Saturday, 29 April 2017


Today we will visit one of the most famous German cities - Cologne. It is mainly famous for its amazing gothic cathedral devoted to Saint Peter.

Its construction stared in the thirteenth century to accomodate the numerous pilgrims visiting the city and was completed only in the nineteenth century. It is now 157 meters tall. It is also Germany's most visited monument. No wonder that UNESCO has inscribed it on its World Heritage List.

As we enter inside, you will immediately realise why the Cologne cathedral is a masterpiece of architecture. Its main vault is incredible tall. A similar one in France has almost collapsed.

Those pillars must be really strong.

The cathedral is quite dark, since the light has to pass through those amazing stain-glass windows.

On the walls we can admire some huge sculptures ...

 ... and on the floors come the multi-pieces mosaics.

But it is in the back that we can find the most important elements in the cathedral. First, the gothic altar, carefully sculpted by an old master.

And second - the Shrine of the Three Kings, which is believed to contain the bones of the three magis or kings who have paid their respect to baby Jesus shortly after it was born.

Obviously, the cathedral is not the only building in Cologne. They also have a nice Town Hall. You can immediately recognise it by the tall tower.

The rest of the building is moderate in size and height th but nicely decorated.

And finally what I like the best - the statue of Friedrich Wilhelm III and his horse!

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