Saturday, 6 May 2017


Do you remember our little misunderstanding last winter? When my family took me to the Augustusburg castle, just not the one I was hoping to see? I have promised you then that one day we will see the UNESCO World Heritage site of the same name.

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Brühl, a masterpiece of German Rococo style.

The Augustusburg castle was commissioned by the Archbishop-Elector of Cologne, the brother of the German Emperor, as his summer residence. It is today one of the most visited sites in Germany.

As we approach the main entrance, you can see that the bishop did not count his money. The palace is big and richly ornamented.

But it is inside that one can fully realise what Rococo means, one of the most decorative periods in the history of art. Unfortunately, visitors are generally not allowed to take pictures inside.

 Luckily nobody forbids to take pictures in the garden.

As we turn back, you can see the Augustusburg castle and the garden in one shot.

In front of us comes a pond.

Ponds are great pieces of landscape architecture since they allow to take pictures with reverse images.

But it is not yet all that is to be seen in Brühl. Let's move into the woods.

The bishop was an avid falconer so on the other side of the woods come the Falkenlust Hunting Lodge. It was built on a site selected in accordance with the flight path of the herons, the favourite pray in falconry. They breed in the palace garden and they fish in Rhine near Wesseling.

The lodge is not very big but it has been witness of amazing parties. Supposedly even Giacomo Casanova was a guest here.

Again, pictures inside are not allowed. But I have found an amazing website where you can see panoramic pictures of the interiors (and the gardens!) of Agustusburg and Falkenlust. You can change you spot in the left bottom corner. Enjoy!

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