Saturday, 15 April 2017


As you all know, Switzerland does not have access to any sea. Still, it is possible to have a glimpse of Mediterranean while still being in Switzerland. I invite you to walk with me around a picturesque town of Melide in canton Ticino. 

Nice residential buildings rest here calmly in the shadow of palm trees.

So is the church, actually.

The streets are narrow but inviting. Often, the houses are connected by little passages on higher floors.

The houses are ornamented, often with religious motifs, both on upper floors ...

... and on ground level. Look - this is a fountain topped with an image of Our Lady holding Baby Jesus in her arms.

But you can find on the walls also typical Mediterranean landscapes.

Even the window blinds have the azure colour of the sea.

Though some of the windows only look like real. 

The reason why I chose Melide out of all small towns in Ticino was that it is the hometown of a famous architect Domenico Fontana.

On almost every corner you can find a place that was connected with Fontana.

Large posters explain facts from the life of the famous architect.

So let's check what is behind that whole in the wall ...

... or at the end of this little lane.

Do not forget to smell the roses on your way.

Finally we arrive to the main square in town. Dedicated, what a surprise, to Domenico Fontana.

Look, there is a little, very Italian, cafe over there.

Hmmm ... A little Italian cappucccio. What a delight. Let's enjoy it in the welcoming sunlight of Ticinese Melide.

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