Saturday, 25 March 2017

Picnic for bikers

Finally, spring has arrived. It is still quite timid but the weather is nice enough to enjoy a good ride on a bike.

Why don't you jump on yours and accompany me on a trip on the shore of the Zurich Lake.

We have seen the Zurich Lake a number of times already but each time I discover some new nice places there.

The lake is full of various fishes.

This is probably the reason why you can meet there lots of water birds. Like the swans ...

... the ducks ...

.... and some coots.

The lake is obviously also full of humans. It is still too cold to swim in the badis, so they either use some small boats ...

... or some big ferries.

You say it does not seem big? Well, it can ship something like 30 cars to the other side of the lake. And some bikes on top.

I must say that all this biking has made me hungry. If you want, we could sit in one of the many family-owned restaurants that offer fresh fish.

Or we could look for a place to picnic. What do you think about this one?

What's that noise? We have company, just next to the picnic table.

Maybe we should choose the one a bit further from the lake shore. And enjoy a nice early spring afternoon on a bikers picnic.

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