Saturday, 5 March 2016


The South of Poland is famous for two things. First, for hills and mountains that are maybe not so high but great for hiking. Second, these hills are populated with lots of tiny towns and villages that are famous for their health waters and health spa. You can recognise them by the fact that their names usually have 2 words, the second of which is "Zdrój", meaning "Springs".

Today we will visit together Piwniczna-Zdrój, a small town (just around five thousand inhabitants) located at the very border between Poland and Slovakia, on the border of the Poprad river.

The tower in the back is of course the church.

If you arrive to Piwniczna-Zdrój by train do not miss the train station - it is small and old-fashioned.

In the middle of the town you will find a well, depicting the coat of arms of Piwniczna.

On one of the sides you will notice a picture of a bearded men. This is king Kazimierz the great (yes, the one who has founded Kazimierz district in Kraków!) who was the founder of many towns in this region, including Piwniczna. 

On the Western side of the market square you will notice a modest Town Hall.

But the real heart of Piwniczna is not the Town Hall of course. We need to cross the Poprad river.

Just on the other side you will spot a pretty unusual concept - a health spa park that is located, unlike in Busko-Zdrój or Nałęczów, in the forest. It is really large.

We can enter here to have a look.

Some of the paths look more solid ...

... while others run into the wild.

But we will not run in the forest today. Let's turn left and look for the famous health water Piwniczanka. Here it comes, in the Old Pump Room.

In Warsaw or any other big city you need to buy Piwniczanka in a shop. Here you can get some for free, straight from the spring.

The tall figures in the back are for chess lovers. Giant chess lovers.

You probably noticed that the Old Pump Room is pretty small. Or rather pretty and small. This is why there is also a New Pump Room in Piwniczna-Zdrój.

This one is big and ... Well, it is big.

Obviously, inside you can also taste the health water.

Everybody has a mug of Piwniczanka? We can then sit next to this nice fountain and enjoy the health water and the fresh air.

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  1. kiedy najpierw przeczytałam tytuł stwierdziłam, że ooo, fajnie będzie zobaczyć kolejne miejsce, w którym nie byłam, ale wraz z kolejnymi zdjęciami coś mi zaczynało świtać, świtać i w końcu przypomniałam sobie, że też byłam w Piwnicznej :D