Saturday, 22 October 2011

Busko-Zdrój (part.1)

Busko-Zdrój is a town in the South of Poland. It is most known for its health waters and related sanatoriums (health spas). What I liked best were the parks. Currently there are two "health spa" parks nowadays, located next to each other.

The so-called "New Park" is composed mainly of pitches and includes a nice lake.

There are lanes to walk through and benches to sit at.

On a sunny day you can also sit by this nice fountain - a very refreshing experience. But swimming and bathing is forbidden!

The "Old Park" resembles more to a little forest, with high old trees. The most important building in the Old Park is the monumental seat of the sanatorium built by the famous Italian architect Enrico Marconi. Actually, the sanatorium takes its name from this engineer.

 Inside, the Marconi sanatorium looks impressive as well.

There are some statues, some columns and a fountain. You can almost imagine yourself in a little palace in Italy.

The sanatorium has its own concert hall. I sneaked there during lunch time, this is why it is empty. But in the evenings it is full of patients watching various concerts and shows.

During hot days the concerts are often played in the bandshell located in hearth of the Old Park.

 If there is no concert, you may always sit on one of the benches and simply smell the flowers. The gardener is really doing a great job here.

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