Saturday, 1 October 2011


Kurozwęki is a little village in the South of Poland. It is famous for its beautiful palace.

Before World War II, the palace belonged to a noble family. It was nationalised after the war and turned into a warehouse. The state did not care for the palace and it turned into ruins.

In 1991, the former owners regained the ownership of the palace and begun to refurbish it. Now, you can admire the palace in its beauty and even visit some exhibitions presenting old weapons and instruments of torture. Luckily, they are not used anymore so I could safely walk on them. Here you can see a cannon.

And here the stocks. In Middle Ages criminals had to sit locked in such stocks for days. The crowd would then mock them and throw thing at them.

The palace is surrounded by a nice garden in which you will find a mini-zoo. It includes animals that normally do not live in poland, like ostriches with their long necks.

But also thos that are typical for Poland like the bizons.

Some of the animals seem really hungy. I was slightly scared to be honest - who knows, maybe they are hungry enough to eat horses? This fence does not look solid enough.

Others animals seemed to be deeply in love, like this pair of donkeys.

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